Blake Swimm School teaches 4 swimming styles for beginners in order from level 1 to 5.

  • Level 1: able to backstroke float and self-rescue in the water, backstroke kick independently and freestyle kick, hold breath underwater to pick up items and obtain basic diving positions.
  • Level 2: able to complete backstroke independently and reverse to freestyle on his/her own.
  • Level 3: able to complete freestyle independently.
  • Level 4: able to complete breaststroke independently and basic treading water.
  • Level 5: able to complete butterfly stroke independently and maintain standard diving positions.

When the student completes 4 swimming styles in all 5 levels, Principal Blake will communicate with the parents.

Principal Blake has 3 years’ training the professional swimming team to compete experience in Arcadia’s Max Aquatics.
In order to achieve major breakthroughs for all students , Principal Blake will recommend local professional swimming teams to the parents. Students who are willing to join the swimming team will have to complete the team entry test first. (So far, it is 100% passing rate referred by by Principal Blake!)

As for now, Blake Swim School has referred nearly 100 students to Max Aquatics in Arcadia, Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Trident Swim Team in Rowland heights, Mt. San in Walnut, Sharks Swim Team in Chino Hills, etc.

Blake Swim School is working hard for helping more students lay a good foundation and achieve outstanding results in swimming.

Blake游泳学校的教学大纲从level 1~5依次对初学者进行四种泳姿的教学方法

  • Level 1:仰泳漂浮与落水自救,独立完成仰泳打腿与自由泳打腿,水下憋气捡拾物品和基础跳水姿势。
  • Level 2: 可以独立完成仰泳,并可以自行反转为自由泳。
  • Level 3:可以独立完成自由泳。
  • Level 4:可以独立完成蛙泳,完成基础踩水。
  • Level 5:可以独立完成蝶泳,完成标准跳水姿势。


Blake校长曾经在Arcadia的Max aquatics专业游泳队从事3年的带专业队训练比赛;为了让孩子在游泳方面取得更大的突破,Blake校长会向家长推荐当地城市的专业游泳队,有意愿去游泳队的孩子可以去完成进队测试,(目前为止Blake校长推荐的孩子们通过专业游泳队测试的通过率为100%!)

目前Blake游泳学校已经向(Arcadia 的Max aquatics, Pasadena 的Rose Bowl, Rowland heights的 Trident swim team,Walnut的Mt. san , chino hills的sharks swim team)等游泳队输送了近百名游泳小健将,为了让更多的孩子在游泳这个项目上取得骄人的成绩,Blake游泳学校为此努力着!为未来更多的游泳健儿打好启蒙的基础。